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Bringing fathers and sons together for over 30 years.

East Troy, Wisconsin
7-9 June 2024

Connect with your son

Let him see you in a new light
7-9 June 2024
East Troy, WI

Be part of a tradition that has been connecting dads and sons for 30 years - an opportunity for dads to gather with their boys and young men to share, connect, grow, learn, and play.


Learn about yourself, your son, and fatherhood - through activities and processes designed to deepen your relationship, improve your fathering skills, and have a lot of fun!

We provide our boys’ their initial guidance, direction and support as they map their life’s path through enlightening processes. You'll be offered the rare opportunity to share your wisdom, truths, and support with him and with other fathers. We encourage grandfathers, uncles, mentors and big brothers to join too.

Begin with the end in mind - Develop a simple language for feelings, leave with a conflict resolution model, have a shared sense of who you are and why you're here. 

The Weekend

Lodging, Meals, Activities & Games Included

Choose air-conditioned bunk houses or space for tent camping. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. Campfire snacks and healthy treats provided all weekend-long.




High Ropes

Mask Making
Capture the Flag

Join other fathers & sons

Create long-lasting friendships with fathers and sons from Chicago, Wisconsin, and across the US.
7-9 June 2024
East Troy, Wisconsin

Register Now

  • Am I ready?
    Take a few moments to reflect on what you’d like to get out of the weekend. What do you want? To have fun? To Connect with your son? To learn from other fathers? …and then ask your son. I bet you’ll learn something new.
  • I'm a first time dad, what should I know?
    Welcome to the Father & Son Weekend! Bring a compass for your son. We will be doing an activity that involves presenting your son(s) with a compass(es). Please bring one compass for each boy with you and be prepared to make a gift of it. The boys who received compasses last year can speak of the gift and what the year has brought.
  • Will dinner be served Friday night?
    Friday dinner is not provided because traditionally we meet up at a restaurant to kick off the festivities. Eat on your own, or join the crowd at: 4:30 PM
  • What should I bring?
    Sleeping bag & pillow (or bunk bedding) Toiletries Special meds/prescriptions Tent/camping gear, if desired Towels Swimsuit Mosquito repellent Softball gloves and a bat Water guns Sun screen Rain gear Flotation devices for swimming Flashlights Bag chairs Compass (First-timers) Games Clothes for cool weather
  • Is there an additional cost for paintball or high ropes?
    Yes! Paintball is $30/person and high ropes is $20/person (if interested, you can register for these in the general registration form)
  • Can I arrive at the camp early on Friday?
    No. Arrival is at 6:30 PM or later.
  • Where should I park?
    Parking is available in the lot across the street (east) from the camp. Cars are allowed to drop off gear in the lot on the north side of the camp (but cannot stay in this lot for the weekend).
  • Can dietary restrictions be accommodated?
    Yes! Please indicate so in your registration form.
  • Should I bring alcohol or drugs?
    To keep the spirit of the weekend we ask participants to abstain from alcohol/drug use during the weekend.
  • Can I smoke cigarettes at the camp?
    Yes, but in the firepit area only.

Weekend Facilitators:

Christopher Jaffe

Erik Treese


Tel: 312.725.9009


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